BLATT 3000 is a printed magazine for exchange and critical discussion from Berlin. It started in 2014 as a dialogical magazine for questions and problems around contemporary music but has since housed articles, impulses, discussions on art (theory), media (theory), gender, politics, personal stories, philosophy and much more. The core idea of BLATT 3000 is to engender critical and open discourses. This, we try to achieve by publishing impulses (playful, experimental, temporary) rather than formatted, academic, long and safe articles. These impulses generate discourses and can be answered with a counter impulse in the next issue.

BLATT 3000

BLATT 3000 is a simple booklet printed in Berlin which is published 2-3 times a year. BLATT 3000 can be purchased for 15 Euro per year and will be distributed via post.